Career Coaching

Our professional career coaches have extensive experience working with students in career development, employment advising, internship preparation, interview skills and document preparation.

Career coaching is available for all degree-seeking GW students and alumni through either the Center for Career Services or through individual school-based career centers.

Drop-In With a Quick Question

If you have a quick question (10-15 minutes) related to your resume or cover letter, career resources, upcoming programs or using GWork, come by the Resource Room. During the academic school year, our drop-in hours are Monday-Friday 11:00am-2:00pm; during the summer they are Monday-Friday 11:00am-1:00pm.

Schedule an Appointment

If you're a student, schedule a coaching appointment in GWork by clicking on "Request an Appointment" or "Coaching Appointment" in the calendar function.  Get help or answers to your questions by reviewing coaching appointment FAQ.

If you're an alumna or alumnus, call us at 202-994-6495 to schedule an appointment.

Types of Appointments

Career Exploration Coaching

Our career exploration coaches can provide guidance and support in identifying interests, skills and values related to choosing a major, exploring career options or planning for graduate school or additional study as well as general resume and cover letter guidance.

Industry Coaching

For students who have a good understanding of the sector, industry and job roles they are targeting or for a student who is exploring careers, but has questions about a specific career field. Our industry career coaches provide advanced resume and cover letter review, internship and targeted job search advising, interview preparation and networking strategies.