Career Success Plan

Behind Every Success Story, There's a Plan


At GW, we believe each student is unique and thus everyone’s journey to their future career is different. We empower students to develop an individualized plan which puts their knowledge into action and builds skills for internships and jobs. The following concepts, which are reinforced in our programs, resources, and coaching, are the foundation of a successful career plan, and provide lifelong skills for a successful career.

Know Yourself

Connect your passions to a purpose
  • Self-Knowledge: Explore skills, strengths, values, and interests through reflection and self-assessment.
  • Career Exploration: Understand how skills, values, and interests relate to future careers, occupations, service, and leadership roles by gaining experience on and off campus.
  • Communication: Describe your vision of future professional role(s); articulate skills, values, interests, and goals to others.

Know How to Connect with Employers

Bring your dream job closer to reality
  • Planning: Research target field and employers including requirements and hiring process; create job or internship search objectives and goals.
  • Networking: Build strategic connections with alumni and personal contacts in a targeted field.
  • Job & Internship Applications: Analyze job/internship descriptions to create targeted and effective resumes, cover letters and other application materials (essays, writing samples, etc.); Navigate the application and hiring process.
  • Interviews & Negotiation: Demonstrate skills, strengths, interests, values, and potential to employers; research salaries and know your market value.

Know How to Be a Professional

Make a successful “classroom to career” transition

  • Experience & Skill Development: Effectively apply knowledge and abilities in a professional setting to further develop marketable skills and experience.
  • Professional Profile & Portfolio: Understand relevant roles, skills and career paths; develop examples of work that demonstrate strengths and industry - specific skills used in roles of increasing responsibility and professionalism.
  • Mentors & References: Build and maintain relationships with classmates, colleagues, supervisors, and professors who can provide advice and speak about your character and competence.

​Students can schedule an appointment with our Career Coaches to develop a personalized career success plan. We guide students in the development of their plan by understanding their capabilities and needs, developing clear action steps, and connecting them to the right programs and resources.

Download a PDF of the Career Success Plan and Professional Competencies