Fall 2017 Faculty & Staff Innovation Grants

Funded projects

The Shenkman Career Services Fund (SCSF) Faculty and Staff Innovation grants provide funding for GW faculty and staff to create professional and career development activities for GW undergraduate and graduate students. The Fund provides funding to offset costs associated with infusing career-related materials into existing or new class curricula and/or departmental, program or school-based initiatives. Applications are reviewed and allocated by the Development and Philanthropy Project Team of the university-wide Career Services Council.

Development and Implementation of Mindfulness Elective for Medical Students

Kaylan Baban, MD,  MPH, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Project abstract:
The purpose of this elective will be three-fold: (1) medical students will learn the evidence-based rationale for mindfulness practice and engage in critical discussion of the scientific literature on mindfulness, including the physical, and mental health benefits; (2) students will engage in experiential workshops to practice a variety of mindfulness techniques, and learn how to incorporate mindfulness practice into everyday life; and  (3) lastly, medical students will learn to apply mindfulness practice to a clinical setting with in encounters with real and simulated patients, to improve patient-physician communication, empathy, work engagement, and most importantly, overall quality of care for patients

Funds will be spent on specialist, materials, and refreshments.

Sensational Storytelling: A Workshop Series with Masters of Media

Imani Cheers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, CCAS-SMPA

Project abstract:
This workshop series will introduce GW students and the larger community to principles of digital storytelling. Each workshop will bring an industry professional into the classroom to educate, engage and enrich participants understanding of storytelling techniques. There are three main goals of this series: (1) to share digital storytelling techniques with students from a variety of academic disciplines; (2) to allow students and community members to network, interact and learn from leading industry professionals; and (3) to introduce students to emerging digital platforms that will enable them to share their skills with a global audience.

Funds will be spent on speakers and refreshments.

Successful Nurse Practitioner Transition to Practice: A Workshop

Asefeh Faraz, Ph.D., MSN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Project abstract:
The goal of this workshop is to provide nurse practitioner students with real-world advice on successfully transitioning to their first nurse practitioner position. The workshop will include the following mini-sessions: (1) pearls and pitfalls during clinical rotations; (2) job search, interviewing and negotiation strategies; and (3) a career panel featuring recent graduates. Students will gain applicable knowledge on the job search, interviewing and negotiation process, as well as hear experiences from recent graduates who have undergone the transition within the past year to aid in their professional development.

Funds will be spent on refreshments.

Sustainability Careers Luncheon Series

Ariel Kagan, Senior Program Associate, Sustainability Collaborative

Project abstract:
The Sustainability Minor is one of the largest minors on campus with over 170 students enrolled. Interdisciplinary work is a main focus of the university’s strategic plan, but it can leave students without a clear pathway into their careers. We expect that students will gain important insights into career paths that align with their interests and knowledge in sustainability.  Through these lunches, the series will provide opportunities for networking both with the guest speakers as well as among the student participants.

Funds will be spent on student support and refreshments.