Resume & Interview Critique

The Center for Career Services provides resources that can help you learn how to create, present and manage an effective professional resume and cover letter.

Online Resume and Cover Letter Critique

Use this convenient service to have your resume and/or cover letter critiqued by a trained reviewer. Submit your documents through the online request form in GWork.

To request an online critique log into your GWork profile and then:

  1. Click "Request a Career Coach Appointment"
  2. Select "Online Resume or Cover Letter Critique”
  3. Click "Check Availability"
  4. Select the top most appointment availability and attach your document(s) when the screen opens up

Critiques will be returned by e-mail within five business days. For a deeper review of the critiqued resume, students are encouraged to visit our Resource Room during drop-in consulting hours (Monday-Friday, Academic Year,11:00am-2:00pm; Summer, 11:00am-1:00pm), or schedule an appointment with a career coach in GWork.  Alumni should call 202.994.6495 to schedule an appointment.

Practice Interviewing Online

InterviewStream simulates an interview by asking challenging questions that can be customized to fit your interests or tailored to a specific field. You can repeat each question as often as you like, as well as hear expert advice on how to answer certain types of questions. 

To access InterviewStream:

  1. Log into your GWork profile
  2. Click on the InterviewStream icon to receive directions and watch a tutorial on how to use the service