Time Reporting & Payment

Time Reporting

Time recording for student positions is done through Kronos, GW’s timekeeping system. Students should clock in each time they start working, and clock out each time they stop. Additionally, students are advised to keep a personal written record of their hours worked to provide a reference in the case of discrepancies or confusion. The working hours that you record through Kronos translate directly into your paycheck - therefore, it is crucial to record your time accurately. 

If you forget to clock in or out, notify your supervisor immediately so they or your department's timekeeper can make the necessary corrections. It is a violation of the terms of your employment to misuse the Kronos Time Reporting System and/or misrepresent your work hours and can result in termination and/or disciplinary action through GW’s student conduct process and the GW Police Department.

Students with multiple positions must be very careful to clock in appropriately. To determine which of your positions are primary and secondary, consult your GWeb employment information. Payroll Services has provided video tutorials on how to clock in and out of Primary and Secondary positions.


Paychecks for student employees are issued on a biweekly basis following GW’s Biweekly Payroll Calendar. Use this document to view each biweekly pay date and the corresponding work dates included in that biweekly paycheck. You may notice that it takes up to one month to receive a paycheck when you first start your employment - this is due to how the payroll cycle functions, and is the case across the university. If you have multiple student employment positions, you are issued a single paycheck for the combined jobs’ earnings.

There are two ways that student employees can receive their paychecks:

Direct Deposit

It is strongly recommended that you sign up for direct deposit so that your paycheck can be electronically deposited into your bank account(s). This is the easiest, safest, most reliable, and preferred method to receive your pay. To sign up for direct deposit, fill out the direct deposit form and deliver it to the Student Employment office (forms are also available in our office), or submit your information on GWeb under the Employment Information tab. You can enroll in direct deposit at any time during your employment.

Direct deposit can take up to two weeks to take effect, but you will receive paper paychecks until then. You will receive an email notification from Payroll Services each time your paycheck is directly deposited.

Paper Checks

If you do not have direct deposit (or if you have enrolled but the information has not yet been processed by Payroll Services) you will need to pick up your paycheck from the front desk of the Center for Career Services in the Marvin Center, Suite 505. You will receive an email from Student Employment each time there is a paycheck ready for you to pick up. Paychecks are available for pickup Monday - Thursday 11:00 PM to 2:00 PM and Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You must show photo identification to pick up your paycheck. Paychecks will not be mailed during university breaks or when students are off campus. Please note, paychecks will not be automatically mailed if you are away from campus or during university breaks, so please plan accordingly.


All student employment positions (including Federal Work Study positions) are subject to federal and local taxation. The amount of tax withheld from your paycheck is determined by how you fill out your tax withholding forms when you start your employment. Please note, Student Employment cannot legally advise you on what to write on your tax forms or estimate how much tax will be withheld from your paycheck. We suggest speaking to a parent or tax professional if you need advice on your tax forms. If you need to make changes to your tax forms, you may submit updated forms to the Student Employment office (forms may be found in our office or on Payroll's website) or make changes on GWeb. If you do not submit your tax forms Payroll Services will withhold taxes at the maximum rate - therefore it is in your best interest to turn in tax forms promptly when beginning employment. Taxes that have been withheld can only be recovered by filing an annual tax return with the Internal Revenue Srvice (IRS). 


A student employee's wage is determined directly by their employer, not by Student Employment. All positions will pay at least DC minimum wage, which is $13.25 per hour as of July 1, 2018. This also applies to off-campus FWS sites that may be located in Maryland or Virginia. 

During your employment, you will receive an hourly wage for all of the time that you work. You do not get paid for scheduled work time where you called in sick or missed work for other reasons. You do not get paid for time spent commuting to and from your job. Your department may not add hours to your timecard as a way to pay you for a "bonus" or as part of an "early release" rule; this is considered misrepresentation of your working hours and is illegal. Your supervisor will determine protocol for short breaks during working hours. There are no employment benefits associated with student positions (eg. vacation, retirement, tuition, etc.).

Federal Work Study Earnings

For those students with Federal Work Study, your total available funds are calculated by adding your Fall and Spring award amounts.  This total is available to use at any time during the FWS program and is not limited by semester. Think of it as your earning potential: by working in your FWS position over the course of the year, you are allowed to earn up to the amount offered in your FWS award. 

When you use up your FWS funds, you can no longer work under the FWS program. Consult with your employer to see if they have a budget to hire you directly as a regular wage account employee.

Check your GWeb account regularly to see if anything about your FWS award has changed and inform your employer immediately if changes have been made. You may need to adjust the number of hours you are working to avoid exceeding your award.