Student Employment

“Student Employment" at GW refers to the hiring and administration of part-time jobs in which the student earns an hourly wage, and the employer is the George Washington University.  This includes Federal Work Study (FWS) jobs that are with an on-campus department or approved off-campus organization.  "Student Employment" at the university does not refer to full-time or part-time employment opportunities at external organizations, or jobs on campus through University Human Resources that offer benefits and compensation other than an hourly wage.

Part-time Student Employment

Participating in part-time employment or service-learning experiences during your college years will help you gain a variety of experience and learn workplace skills that can be used in a full-time career following graduation.

All current GW full-time degree-seeking students may use GWork to search and apply for on-campus part-time jobs including Federal Work Study positions.  All incoming full-time degree-seeking students are automatically registered in GWork and receive an account approximately two weeks prior to their first semester.

The Center for Career Services student employment team manages the hiring processes for on-campus part-time student employment.  (Employers who wish to recruit for full-time positions should consult our Employers section).

Regular Wage Account On-Campus Part-time Jobs


If you’re a student you can search for a GW on-campus "Not FWS" job or complete your hiring paperwork if you’ve already been offered a position. Wage account part-time jobs are not part of the Federal Work Study program.

GW Departments

If you need to hire a student to work in your office part-time, follow the guidelines for hiring a regular wage account student

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program Part-time Jobs


If you’ve been awarded Federal Work Study as part of your GW financial aid package, you’ll need to understand how the program works and learn how to complete the required hiring paperwork.

GW Departments or Approved Off-Campus Organizations

If you need to hire a student with Federal Work Study aid, review our Federal Work Study hiring process.