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GW students and alumni share their experiences learning what career success means, including articles from GW Today featuring students and alumni in their "How I Got the Job" series, and blog posts from the #GWCareerSuccess blog, and from students participating in GW Career Quest and Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) programs.

Featured GW Success Stories

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How I Got the Job Series

 How I Got the Job: Finding the Right Career Path

How I Got the Job: Clearing the Way to a Public Relations Career
Recent graduate Isabel Pellegrino, B.A. ’19, merged her skills and interests to land an internship, now job, with Edelman.

How I Got the Job: Finding the Right Career Path
Elliott School senior David Perron transitioned from foreign policy to business consulting, will start working at Ernst & Young in the fall.

How I Got the Job: From Tech Internship to Employment Offer
Senior Reem Eltahir, SEAS BS '19 (Computer Engineering), developed connections and utilized confidence and honesty about her skillset to land a computer engineering job at Intel.

How I Got the Job: Practice Makes Perfect
Zheng Yang, a graduate computer science student, explained how mock interviews helped him land a job at Facebook.

How I Got the Job: Finding an Internship Connection
Anayeli Nuñez merged her personal passion with long-term career goals during an internship with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

How I Got the Job: Saving the World through Education
Senior Leeana Skuby turned her fellowship with Teach for America into a job opportunity.

How I Got the Job: Shining a Light on Achievements in Public Service
​Peter Kamocsai, M.P.A. ’15, and Brandon Lardy, M.P.P. ’15, were recipients of the GW Fellowship at the Partnership for Public Service.

How I Got the Job: ​Aisha Azimi Aims to Make Global Impact
A communications internship inspired the GW senior to become a director for an organization of female Afghan and Afghan-American writers.

How I Got the Job: Transforming Passion for Policy into Agricultural Innovation
Via Land O’Lakes internship, senior Alexander Fried turned an interest in politics toward advocacy for domestic and international farmers.

How I Got the Job: International Student ‘Prepared for Everything’
Junior Laura Gomez got an internship at the World Bank by taking advantage of networking opportunities.

How I Got the Job: GW Alumnus Finds Connections in Customer Service
Francisco Kilgore, a December 2016 graduate, says problem-solving skills he learned as an undergraduate have helped him be successful at Tesla.

How I Got the Job: GW Alumnus Returned for New Opportunities
Floyd Jones connected with a venture fellowship that will teach him how to build a company and then help him start his own.

How I Got the Job: Family Tradition Continues at GW
Senior Jessica Thompson is majoring in electrical engineering and will join a competitive program for young engineers after graduation.

How I Got the Job: GW Grad on the Ultimate Life Hack for Job Seekers
Tech-savvy alum Tom Barry uses World Health Organization research to build a personal brand and impress on-campus recruiters.

How I Got the Job: Graduate Student Qing Yang Finds a Mentor and a Uniquely American Experience
Mr. Yang earns a full-time job writing code and a coveted H-1B visa sponsorship.

How I Got the Job: Senior Lane Farrell Says Apply Early and Leverage Your Network
A career fair student host opportunity and a meeting with Ironshore CEO Mitch Blaser, B.B.A. ’73, take Ms. Farrell from job hunt to offer in just two months.

Washington Connections

GW interns at the White House image

Successful Alumni Offer Pointers on Washington Careers
GW students considering work in politics, government and journalism learn to be willing to start low but aim high.

Interning at the White House
GW boasts 13 students and alumni in the spring 2016 White House Internship Program—more than any other school in the United States.

GW Student Goes Inside the White House
Sophomore Gidon Feen answers 10 questions about his experience as a White House intern.

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