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​Student Employment is available for in-person I-9 assistance by appointment M-F 10am - 4pm, virtual support by appointment for students and employers, and by email at [email protected] or phone at 202-994-8046. 


Student Employee Recognition

Upward of 5,000 GW students work across campus and throughout DC in one of over 200 on campus departments or our 30 off-campus FWS Partner Organizations. On-campus student employees are greeting prospective future students, guiding peers through writing assignments, stocking our library shelves, managing events and websites, and working with professors on research projects, while our off-campus student employees are explaining exhibits at the Smithsonian, tutoring young children in our community, researching political policies, and assisting with marketing campaigns. These things and more are what GW students are able to achieve through student employment!

GW student employees are a crucial part of the fabric of our university. They help keep the institution running and act as ambassadors in the DC community. Through their dedication and hard work, they uphold the GW values of communication, community, diversity, excellence, sustainability, respect, service, and teamwork. When you see GW student employees working across our campuses and in the city itself, please take a moment to thank them for doing such exceptional work at our university and in our community.

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