Student Employee Recognition

Upward of 4,500 GW students work across campus with over 250+ on-campus departments and throughout DC in our 30 off-campus FWS Partner Organizations. On-campus student employees are greeting prospective future students, guiding peers through writing assignments, stocking our library shelves, managing events, and websites, and working with professors on research projects, while our off-campus student employees are explaining exhibits at the Smithsonian, tutoring young children in our community, researching political policies, and assisting with marketing campaigns. These things and more are what GW students are able to achieve through student employment!


GW student employees are a crucial part of the fabric of our university. They help keep the institution running and act as ambassadors in the DC community. Through their dedication and hard work, they uphold the GW values. When you see GW student employees working across our campuses and in the city itself, please take a moment to thank them for doing such exceptional work at our university and in our community.

    National Student Employment Week 

    Each year, GW joins with universities across the country in celebrating National Student Employment Week. This annual event is celebrated the second full week in April and is dedicated to recognizing the significant impact that student employees make to GW and the surrounding community.


    2023 National Student Employment Week is April 9 - April 16!


    2022-2023 Awards

    Student Employee Awards

    We invite you to nominate your student employee for one of the six awards defined by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA)! The strongest student award nomination will be entered into a national competition with the NSEA.

    Criteria for Nomination:

    • A full-time student at GW.
    • Employed by the department for at least a period of six months.
    • Hired into an FWS or non-FWS position (this would not include GRA/GA's, non-student temp positions, or other positions managed by departments outside of Student Employment).
    • NSEA will only consider undergraduate students for their awards, but that does not preclude graduate students from GW consideration.

    Award Options:

    Each nominator by nominate a student(s) for one of the awards listed below. The criteria and review rubric for each category are linked below.

    Nomination Letters may not exceed two (2) pages in length and are due by February 13, 2023.

    Submit a Student Employee Nomination


    Supervisor of  the Year Award

    Students may nominate supervisors whom they feel warrant special recognition for the Supervisor of the Year Award. Nominations will be judged on the abilities of the supervisor, specifically: integrating students as members of the staff, guidance and mentoring, initiative, and alignment with GW values.

    Criteria for Nomination:

    • Supervisors must be nominated by a student in an FWS or non-FWS student position (this would not include GRA/GA's, non-student temp positions, or other positions managed by departments outside of Student Employment).
    • The nominee must have supervised the work of at least one student employee and must be employed by GW or be part of the Off-Campus FWS Program during the last six (6) months.
    •  Student employees working as supervisors are not eligible for consideration through the Supervisor of the Year program, though they can be nominated for the Student Employee of the Year award.

    Nominations are due by February 13, 2023.

    Submit a Supervisor of the Year Nomination


    #NSEW Shout-Outs

    Show your appreciation and gratitude to student employee or a supervisor of a student employee by submitting a #NSEW2023 Shout-Out Form. Student Employment will utilize submission text, images, and videos during NSEW on our social media accounts for our virtual celebration. Submissions must be received by April 7, 2023.

    Submit a NSEW Shout-Out


    "Door" Decorating Competition

    Departments celebrate your students by competing in a "door" decorating contest. We recognize that some offices do not have a door or work in a primarily virtual environment, so we encourage you to get creative. Think of a public in-person or virtual option to create a display celebrating your department's student staff.

    Submission must be submitted by April 12th, 2023.

    Sign Up to Participate


    Student Employees at Work Picture Contest

    We invite student employees and departments to share pictures of students as integral members of the department's team. This can include just the student employee or the student employee(s) with work colleagues. The top four pictures will be used on the Student Employee Applicant portal to replace the four large square text boxes.

    Submit Your Picture!

    Everyday Student Employee Recognition

    Everyday thanks and recognition can go a long way toward making your student employee feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work.

    Here are some ideas of ways to help your student employees feel appreciated throughout the year:

    • Prepare a care package for your student employees near midterms or finals with favorite snacks and items to help them de-stress.
    • Remember and recognize your student employees' birthdays, and acknowledge religious holidays they may support.
    • Maintain a culture of kindness and inclusion in your office. Encourage everyone to support each other and celebrate their excellent work.
    • Write thank-you notes to student employees when they complete a project or go above and beyond their usual responsibilities.
    • Create a poster or wall in your office introducing and celebrating your student employees.
    • Include student employees in appreciation events for full-time staff in your office.
    • Support your student employee's desire to expand their knowledge through training and new responsibilities.
    • Extend an open offer to write letters of recommendation or provide a reference for your student employees throughout their time at GW and beyond.
    • Say "thank you"!