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Getting Started

If you are new to hiring student employees, you will need to get set up with the required systems to access the Student Employment Talent Management System and the Payroll Time Reporting System, Kronos:

Student Employment Talent Management System

The SE Talent Management System is used for recruiting (position postings and applicant management), hiring (submitting hiring proposals and offer letters), and onboarding (I-9's, tax forms, direct deposit forms, and work permits). To gain access to this system:

Only GW staff, faculty, and off-campus partners will be granted Hiring Manager access to the system. We cannot grant access to student employees.


Kronos is where student hours are recorded and approved. Most departments will already have an individual with access to this system to approve students’ time. For assistance with Kronos, please contact Payroll Services.

Recruiting Steps

All student positions must be posted in the Student Employment Talent Management System and must adhere to the Standard Student Position Templates. In this system, the Hiring Manager will be able to set up Guest Users to review applicants, disposition applicants, and submit the Hiring Proposal (HP).

For assistance with using the system review the Hiring Managers Users Guide.

Hiring Steps

In order to successfully hire a student employee, the following steps should be followed in the Student Employment Talent Management System after the student has applied to the position:

  1. Disposition the status of all applicants from your posting, move your selected applicant(s) to Recommend for Hire. All students who were not selected will receive a notification of their status.
  2. Complete a Hiring Proposal (HP) for your selected applicant(s) and submit it to Student Employment for Initial Review. Note: If your department requires Finance Director approval, you must indicate that on your HP.
  3. After all approvals are granted, Student Employment will send the applicant an Offer Letter via email. The student must sign this document through their applicant portal.
  4. Once the offer letter is signed, the background check will commence, if required.
  5. After the background check has received clearance from HR, the applicant will be assigned required pre-hire onboarding procedures such as the I-9 Form and tax withholding forms.
  6. AFTER the student has completed ALL required pre-hire onboarding procedures, Student Employment will complete their hiring process. You will receive an email notification from Student Employment when this has occurred. DO NOT allow the student to begin working until you are notified that their hiring process has been completed by Student Employment.

For full instructions on this process please consult the Hiring Managers Users Guide. You can also check out the Hiring Manager Playlist of videos that will walk you through the different steps of the recruiting and hiring process.

You will receive updated emails throughout the process, and Student Employment will communicate with you through these emails if any further action is required from you.

DO NOT allow the student to begin working until you have received the official notice email from Student Employment that states the student has been officially and completely hired. Be sure that you are actively communicating with your student throughout the hiring process, especially if it becomes necessary to adjust their anticipated start date.

Once hired, the student employee's information will load into Kronos the day after the hire is completed. However, for secondary positions, the student will not appear in Kronos until after they have clocked in for the first time.

How to Contact Student Employment 

Student Employment is available by emailing [email protected] or calling 202-994-8046. We are also available for virtual appointments for employer and student assistance.

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