GW Departments

How Do I Start?

If you are new to hiring student employees, you will need to get set up with the required systems access.

Student Hire Application: The Student Hire Application is where you will submit hire requests and track the progress of those requests throughout the hiring process. 

  1. View the New User's Training video and fill out the Training Assessment. (Note: This video mentions a service called GWork, which was replaced by Handshake in July 2017).
  2. Complete a Banner Access Request Form (use this version, as it has all the fields you need to fill out for student hire access highlighted or pre-filled). Make sure you request the organization numbers you will be hiring under, and get your Financial Director's signature to approve. Email the completed form to [email protected].
  3. For continued assistance with using this system, consult the Student Hire User's Guide.

Handshake: Handshake is where you will create job postings and recruit students for your positions. You will also be able to review and track applicants for your positions.

  1. Follow our guide on How to Create a Handshake Account. It is important to follow these specific instructions, as it can be challenging to set up your account correctly otherwise.
  2. For instructions on how to successfully create a student job posting, consult the Handshake Job Posting Guide.

Kronos: Kronos is where student hours are recorded and approved. Most departments will already have an individual with access to this system.

  • Payroll Services manages the timekeeping system, Kronos. For more information click here.

Types of Student Positions

On-campus departments can hire students into two types of positions: Federal Work Study (FWS) Positions or Student Wage (Non-FWS) Positions. The hiring process differs slightly for each type of position; please see the links provided for specific information and instructions on how to hire for each student position type.

Students Under 18

Students under 18 will need a DC Work Permit before beginning work. Instructions and the work permit application form can be found here.

Employer Toolkit

Here are some of the most commonly requested forms and guides that on-campus employers use throughout the student hiring process:

Student Hire Application User's Guide

Offer Letter

Rate Change Letter

On-Campus Employer Manual