FWS Partner Organizations

Set Up For Success

Organizations must reapply to be a part of GW's off-campus FWS program each academic year by submitting a participation agreement by the due date. The next year's agreement will be sent to all current partner organizations at the end of the current academic year. Interested in becoming one of GW's off-campus FWS partner organizations? Email [email protected] for more information.

Being set up to work with GW's technology is a necessary part of participation in the program.

The Student Hiring Process

Once you have decided which student(s) you would like to hire:

  1. Notify any applicants who you did not select.
  2. Fill out the GW Offer Letter and give it to each selected student.
  • Minimum wage is $13.25 as of July 1, 2018; the overtime rate for this wage is $19.88. Higher wages are up to employer discretion.
  1. Ask the student(s) to send you their signed offer letter and Employment Authorization Form (EAF).
  2. Once they have given you those two documents, submit them through the Federal Work Study Off-Campus Hire Form.
  • Please note, the "start date" you put on the offer letter is not final - it is contingent on the hire process being completed, and will be changed by Student Employment if the hiring process is not complete by the requested date.
  1. Await notification from Student Employment that the student may begin working.

Student Employment will let you know if there is anything else required throughout the process.

Please note, students under 18 will need a DC Work Permit before beginning work. Instructions and the work permit application form can be found here. Student Employment will work with the student to complete this portion of the hiring process, and will not be able to complete a hire until the work permit is complete.

Timekeeping Information

Approval for student hours is due every biweekly Department Approval Due Date as listed on the GW Payroll Calendar. This is done using Kronos, GW's time reporting system. 

For assistance using Kronos, please see GW Payroll's helpful materials on the subject. Contact us at [email protected] if you have further questions or need assistance.

Tracking Student Hours

Students are not authorized to earn more than their alotted FWS award amount during a given school year. Therefore, it is important for students and employers to work together to monitor a student employee's hours. Use this pre-programmed Excel sheet to calculate how much of their award a student has earned to-date, and how many work hours they have remaining.


When a student will no longer be working for your organization for any reason, it is vital to inform GW Student Employment and have their position officially terminated. Fill out the Off-Campus FWS Termination Request form, and email it to [email protected].