Funding Opportunities

​Rachel Brown, assistant provost for University Career Services, discusses how philanthropic support creates strategic opportunities to help students and alumni translate their academic and co-curricular experiences into a lifetime of productive and engaged citizenship.

The university provides several career-related and professional development funding opportunities that are supported by the university's Career Services Council to:

  • empower students and alumni to translate their world-class academic and co-curricular experiences at the university into a lifetime of productive and engaged citizenship, and
  • to strengthen the connections that faculty, academic advisors, parents, alumni and employers have with the university’s career services efforts.

The Career Services Council administers several internal funding programs.  Please note that  for all funding opportunities students are eligible to receive funding one time only throughout their GW academic career, but not simultaneously. For example, if a student is granted a KACIF for Fall 2016, they are ineligible to receive funding from any other Shenkman award.


Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF): Grants for Unpaid Internships

The KACIF funds were established to help students offset costs associated with unpaid internships in their field of interest.

Shenkman Career Services Fund: Student Professional & Career Development Grants

These grants provide funding to support career and professional development activities and opportunities for students.

Student Internship Transportation Reimbursement Grants

Funding can reimburse students for transportation costs to and from the sites of their necessarily unpaid internships.

GW VALOR: Grants for Military and Veteran Students

These awards provide funding to eligible GW military and veteran students.

Faculty & Staff

Shenkman Career Services Fund: Grants for Faculty & Staff Innovation

Provides funding for GW faculty and staff who create professional and career development activities for students.

Funding Resources from Outside GW

Rosenberg Internship Program

The Justus & Karin Rosenberg Foundation provides grants to undergraduate and graduate students who accept unpaid or low-paying internships with an NGO or non-profit organization whose work aligns with the Foundation's mission.