Our Team

The staff of the George Washington University Center for Career Services offer comprehensive career development, experiential education and student employment services and resources for GW degree-seeking students, alumni and international exchange students.  For employers, we offer a variety of services, programs and resources to help them meet their hiring and recruitment needs.


Associate Vice Provost

Kelley Bishop - Associate Vice Provost for Career Services - [email protected]

GW Professional Competencies Initiatives

Julia Browne - Associate Program Director, GW Professional Competencies Initiatives - [email protected]


This team provides oversight and support for the day-to-day operations of the department.

Amanda Rollins - Administrative Manager - [email protected]

Kelly Charwat - Program Associate, Interdisciplinary & Strategic Career Initiatives - [email protected]

Yumna Fayyaz - Administrative Associate - [email protected]

Sabrina Kahn - Data Analyst - [email protected]

Career Learning and Experiences

This team consists of career coaches who help students prepare for career and job search processes. Career coaches actively support students' participation in work experiences that strengthen career choices.

Katherine Norton - Associate Director, Career Coaching - [email protected]

Craig Crutchfield - Career Coach: Industry Coach - [email protected]

Byron Knight - Career Coach: Business, Finance, Economics - [email protected]

Ivey London - Career Coach: International Affairs, Development, Public Policy - [email protected]

Allyse McNeil - Career Coach: Career Exploration - [email protected]

Jazmine Newkirk - Career Coach: Health, Sciences, Premed, Public Health - [email protected]

Alexandra Resendez - Career Coach: Career Exploration - [email protected]

Shaunda Thompson - Career Coach: US Politics, Education, Social Impact, Arts & Communication - [email protected]

Dennis Weeks - Career Coach: Industry Coach - [email protected]

Employer Services

This team recruits organizations that provide relevant services for GW students and alumni. Additionally, the team manages online job listings, on-campus recruiting programs, career and job fairs, industry expos, employer information sessions, and employer site visits.

Monica Patterson - Interim Director, Employer Relations & Employer Development Consultant: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion - [email protected]

Courtney Frost - Associate Director, Employer Relations - [email protected]

Caroline Morton - Coordinator, Employer Relations - [email protected]

Sonya Merrill - Employer Development Consultant: Government, Nonprofits, International Development - [email protected]

Steve Scordo - Employer Development Consultant: STEM & Fortune 500 - [email protected]

Interdisciplinary Career Services

This team facilitates specialized, university career services initiatives for specific student populations including Disability Support Services, Military & Veterans, and the Presidential Fellowship program.

Marva Gumbs Jennings - Managing Director, Interdisciplinary Initiatives - [email protected]

Student Employment

This team manages the recruiting, onboarding, and developmental aspects of part-time student employment at GW, including both on-campus and off-campus Federal Work Study positions and on-campus part-time non-FWS positions. 

Bridget Schwartz - Director, Student Employment - [email protected]

Bashar Fakhry - Coordinator, Student Employment - [email protected]

Robert Mathern - Coordinator, Student Employment - [email protected]

Alia Rikabi Zein - Associate, Student Employment - [email protected]

This teams manages the recruiting, onboarding, and developmental aspects of part-time student employment at GW, including both on-campus and off-campus Federal Work Study positions and on-campus part-time non-FWS positions. 

Bridget Schwartz - Director, Student Employment - [email protected]

Rob Mathern - Coordinator, Student Employment - [email protected]

Alia Rikabi Zein - Associate, Student Employment - [email protected]