International Student Support

Often the job search experience for international students presents unique and unexpected career and employment challenges. Career Services assists in seeking part-time opportunities, internships, Curricular or Optional Practical Training, or employment, within the U.S. immigration and labor regulations.   Through our programs and services, international students can identify their career interests and build career and employment skills to succeed in the U.S. marketplace or in their home country.

International Student Community Ambassadors (ISCA)

The ISCAs are international students who are committed to improving the student life experience of all GW international students by providing peer assistance services to facilitate mentorship, acculturation, engagement, and professional development. Services include: 

  • Peer mentorship and career advising
  • resume and cover letter assistance
  • workshops on professional topics such as interviewing and networking

Part-time Student Employment at GW

The Student Employment section provides information regarding part-time employment in campus departments within the university.

GW Career Connect (GWCC) Pathways

Pathways are step-by-step guided learning paths students can follow to learn about a career topic or gain a career development skill. Pathways are made up of short videos, tutorials, guided questions, and concrete action steps to help students create a plan. In partnership with the Center for Career Services and the International Services Office, international students can access two on-demand pathways:  

  • Harnessing GW networks to build mentoring/networking relations
  • How to find employers of interest and frame international experience for the US job market.

Each pathway guides you through a few short videos with questions and next steps for practice. They are self-paced and can be completed 100% virtually.

Resources for International Students