Explore Careers & Industries

Exploring occupations and industries based on your preferences, personality, interests, skills and values is an important part of identifying a career path you’ll enjoy.

Get Started

  • Attend an upcoming Internship workshop to learn about the basic strategies and resources available to you as you carry out your internship or job search.
  • Register to attend an Employer Information Session in Handshake. These in-depth sessions provide an opportunity to meet company representatives and learn about their organizations in a less formal atmosphere than an interview.
  • Use websites such as O-NET, Bureau of Labor Statistics or Wet Feet to conduct research about jobs and industries that match your interests.
  • Review our Career Option Sheets to become familiar with sample occupations, work settings and skills needed for specific industries related to your particular academic major.  These may also be found in the Resource Library in Handshake and in our Resource Room.

Conduct an Informational Interview

Informational interviews are a great way to learn specific details about an occupation or career. It includes setting up a time to talk to a professional on the phone or in-person who works in a field or job in which you’re interested. Preparing the right questions and knowing what you want to accomplish are the most important parts of an informational interview.

The GW Alumni LinkedIn group can be used to find a GW alumni advisor who is willing to discuss their job, industry and career path.

Research Employers

The GW Career Services Council provides you exclusive and complementary access to online resources that can help you explore organizations and learn about various occupations and industries. 

Advance Your Exploration of Careers and Industries

Participate in advanced exploration activities to target potential occupations and career options, narrow down an industry focus and understand industry-specific hiring and promotion practices: