On-Campus Interviewing

As a student the On-Campus Interviewing Program (OCI) allows you to interview on campus with various employers and opens up a wide range of career opportunities.

Organizations that recruit at GW each year include over 100 nonprofit, government and for-profit organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies. Typically large employers with regular hiring needs use the OCI program to fill their vacancies.

Participate in the OCI Program

​To participate in OCI, you must complete the online orientation and agree to all policies. You will then gain access to the interview section of Handshake where you can browse and apply to OCI positions.  

Orientation information will be available in August.


After you apply for a position, check under “interview requests” to view the status of your application.

Employers can specify a required GPA, major, graduation date and degree level for their positions. If you do not meet their requirements, Handshake will not let you apply for these positions and they will not show up for you under “OCI Position I Qualify For".


Some applications may require a transcript. Follow these steps to access an unofficial transcript:

  1. Navigate to Student Records and Registration in your GWeb account.
  2. Navigate to Student Records Information and then Transcripts.
  3. Copy and paste your transcript into a Word document.
  4. Upload the document to your Handshake profile.

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Use Interview Stream to complete a virtual mock interview or review an interview tutorial. Access thru your Handshake profile.