On-Campus Interviewing Process

All interviews take place in Colonial Crossroads (Marvin Center 505, 800 21st Street between H & I) or Duques Hall (corner of 22nd and G).

After you’ve applied to a position through the On-Campus Interviewing Program in Handshake, you’ll want to pay attention to your interview status. If your status is pending, the employer has not selected applicants yet. Be patient and the status will change to invited, alternate or not invited.

The alternate status means you have been selected to interview as an alternate. If the pre-selected students do not sign up during the first sign-up period, you will have an opportunity to sign up on the second sign-up date and take any open spot. As an alternate, you are not guaranteed an interview slot.

Scheduling Your Interviews

If you receive a request for an interview, use the “schedule interview” button in Handshake to set it up. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.


You are required to attend all scheduled interviews. However, you are allowed two legitimate interview absences, including sickness, flight delays, family responsibilities, religious holidays and similar events.

Contact the Employer Relations team at [email protected] as early as possible if you have a conflict. It is extremely unprofessional and unacceptable to simply not show up for an interview without warning.