Career Preparation

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The Center for Career Services offers a series of strategies, actions and activities that you can use as your personal "action plan" during your undergraduate years at GW and will prepare you for your transition into the world of work or graduate school.

Career Success Plan

This action plan will help you:

  • Identify your career skills and interests
  • Make sound academic major choices and career decisions
  • Implement effective internship and job searches
  • Successfully navigate the job market or graduate school following graduation

Students can schedule an appointment with our Career Coaches to develop a personalized career success plan. We guide students in the development of their plan by understanding their capabilities and needs, developing clear action steps, and connecting them to the right programs and resources.

Identify Strengths & Interests

Through self-assessment, you can explore your personality traits, interests and values, and identify the strengths and skills you have that will assist you in selecting a major and preparing for a successful career after graduation.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Involvement in campus and community service leadership activities will help you develop and enhance key skills such as effective communication, problem solving, team building and networking that will serve you well in your job search and career.

Create an Online Presence

Create a professional online presence and use online resources to explore career options and opportunities.

Explore Careers & Industries

Explore occupations and industries based on your major, personality, interests, skills and values.

Develop Workplace Skills

Learn about professional communication and methods you can use to effectively manage time, set goals and execute tasks.

Write a Resume and Cover Letter

Create application materials that reflect your strengths and skills and learn how to refine them for target industries to highlight relevant experience and accomplishments.

Search for Jobs and Internships

Learn to effectively research employer organizations and utilize industry-related job search resources, such as Handshake, to help identify viable job and internship opportunities.

Establish a Networking Strategy

Understand the importance of networking as an important and positive part of a successful job search and establish your networking strategy.

Prepare for Interviews

Learn to demonstrate effective interviewing skills, develop them for specific industries and identify and practice specialized interview techniques.