Everyday Student Employee Recognition

How Can I Help My Student Employees Feel Appreciated?

Everyday thanks and recognition can go a long way toward making your student employee feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work.

Here are some ideas of ways to help your student employees feel appreciated throughout the year:

  • Prepare a care package for your student employees near midterms or finals with favorite snacks and items to help them de-stress.
  • Remember and recognize your student employees' birthdays.
  • Maintain a culture of kindness in your office. Encourage everyone to support each other and celebrate their excellent work.
  • Write thank-you notes to student employees when they complete a project or go above and beyond their usual responsibilities.
  • Create a poster or wall in your office introducing and celebrating your student employees.
  • Include student employees in appreciation events for full-time staff in your office.
  • Support your student employee's desire to expand their knowledge through training and new responsibilities.
  • Extend an open offer to write letters of recommendation or provide a reference for your student employees throughout their time at GW and beyond.
  • Say "thank you"!

Student Employee Shout-Outs

Want to publicly recognize an excellent student employee in your office, but it's not National Student Employment Week yet? Submit a Student Employee Shout-Out! Your kind comments will be posted on our Facebook page to publicly thank the student employee. The student will be notified of the shout-out via email, and will also receive a digital certificate from Student Employment recognizing their efforts.