Professional Headshot Booth



Come to the Center for Career Services to take your professional-quality headshot in our NEW Professional Headshot Booth!

Appointments are required. 

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PLEASE NOTE: By using the professional headshot booth, the Center for Career Services and Iris Booth have access to your e-mail address and all photos taken.  


Professional Headshot Booth Steps

The convenient process is self-service and takes 5-10 minutes for instant, professional-quality headshots:

  1. Book an online appointment.

  2. Visit the Professional Headshot Booth in the Center for Career Services office.
  3. Login with your GWU email.
  4. Pose for your 3 headshots.
  5. Edit your photos. 
  6. Receive your professional-quality photos direct to your email.
  7. Share your photo on your Handshake, GW Career Connect, and/or LinkedIn profile!

Headshot FAQ

What is a professional headshot?

A professional headshot is a window into your personal brand. It is often your first impression when featured on your social media profile or your resume. A professional headshot allows you to portray the professional version of yourself to prospective employers and can help you to stand out from other job seekers.

How to dress for your professional headshot?

The most important part of a professional headshot is to be yourself! Consider your career goals when deciding how you want to dress for your professional headshot appointment. Think about what you might wear to a job interview or presentation. Keep it simple with solid colors. A suit or a blazer is often a good choice.

Remember to be yourself and be considerate of the jobs you are trying to attract!

How to use your professional headshot?

A professional headshot is a great addition to your Handshake, GW Career Connect, and/or LinkedIn profile. Some resumes may include a professional headshot, as well. If you do choose to share your new headshot, be sure to tag us on social media.