For students interested in exploring entrepreneurial career paths, the GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship team is an invaluable resource for issues related to excellence in multidisciplinary entrepreneurship, innovation, and regional engagement in new venture creation at the university. The office serves as a focal point to foster, promote, and perpetuate quality academic research, education, and outreach programs, and everages the unique strengths of GW’s schools in the nation’s capital to serve society at large through the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship.


GW Mentorship programs provide structured matchmaking and monitoring processes to bring together experienced startup professionals with GW startups.  The long-term focus is on educating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Mentors-in-Residence (MIR) Program

The Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship facilitates this program with its primary goal to engage GW students, faculty, and staff with seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives.  Through various activities and office hours, mentors will provide guidance, coaching, perspective, and connections to enhance entrepreneurship at GW.

Mentors-in-Residence have the following primary responsibilities:

  • To provide support to the New Venture Competition participants;
  • To provide face-to-face engagement opportunities to students seeking mentorship in business development and entrepreneurial endeavors through office hours and virtual sessions;
  • To develop, shape, and launch a unique set of projects within the GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship at GW.

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GW 100 Mentor Matchup

Many of the most innovative and fastest growing businesses in the US have been founded by foreign nationals working or studying in the U.S.

International Students as Startup Founders in the US

Immigration Issues for New Business and Employees

This presentation discusses the immigration options available to international students as they pursue their entrepreneurial goals through startup enterprises.

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