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International Student Assistance

The GW Center for Career Services supports the career and employment goals of our students and alumni and helps link them to potential employers.   Through the Center’s programs and services, international students can identify their career interests and build career and employment skills to succeed in the U.S. marketplace or in their home country. 

The Center assists international students seeking part-time opportunities, internships, Curricular or Optional Practical Training, or employment, within the limitations of U.S. immigration and labor regulations. Often the job search experience for international students presents unique and unexpected career and employment challenges.  Visit the Center for Career Services to learn how to enhance your career and employment options, and take advantage of all your U.S. experiences to build your career skills for the future.

Campus Academic Resources for International Students

Information about academic resources for international students at the university is available via the GW Libraries Guide system.

Part-time Student Employment at GW

The Student Employment section provides information regarding part-time employment at campus departments within the university.

Resources for International Students

Career Events for International Students

Fall 2018


Spring 2019


Peer Assistance: Meet the International Student Career Ambassadors (ISCA)

To supplement the support provided by career coaches at the university's career services centers, the International Student Career Ambassadors (ISCA) are here on campus to help you with peer-to-peer career advising, including resume and cover letter critiques.

Spring Drop-in Hours - January 22-April 30

​Monday 10am-5pm
Tuesday: 2pm-4:30pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-3pm

Location: Science & Engineering Hall Lobby
Contact: gwisca@gwu.edu
Follow: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Meet our International Student Career Ambassadors

Peace Obisesan, ISCA Fellow, is a graduate student at the Elliott School of International Affairs. She's pursuing an MA in international affairs with a focus in US Foreign Policy and East Asia. Her goal is to join the Foreign Service and serve as a US Diplomat to South Korea, China, and Japan. She loves experiencing new cultures and is currently learning and loving everything about South Korea, including the language. She is a big-time foodie and particularly enjoys Korean food. She looks forward to meeting students and bringing them a step closer to a fulfilling career.
Ankit Raj Saxena is from Mumbai, India, and earned his bachelors degree in computer science from VIT University. Ankit is a graduate student pursing his Masters of Computer Science degree at the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences. His desire to help people around him grow led him to work for Make a Difference (MAD), an NGO in India, where he taught English and Math at orphanages. During Ankit's free time, he likes to travel, take photos, and explore the food and culture of new places.
Stefan Zhang is a graduate student pursuing his Master of Science degree in information systems technology at the GW School of Business. He earned his bachelors degree in tourism management with a concentration in hospitality management and a minor in German. In addition, Stefan has a lot of work experience in customer service and he enjoys meeting students from all over the world and connecting to people from different fields. He also loves traveling through couchsurfing and sharing his travel experience and stories with people he meets.

Made possible by the Shenkman Career Services Fund and sponsored by the GW Career Services Council in partnership with the W. Scott Amey Career Services Center and the Center for Career Services

Careers & Employment in the United States

Engage in the Life of the University

Learn about the U.S. Workplace

  • To learn about the U.S. workplace, meet and engage with Americans
  • Pursue an on campus job to experience the U.S. workplace firsthand
  • Develop English proficiency to succeed in the workplace, practice at every opportunity
  • Learn about the U.S. workplace through reading, networking, and internships

Learn about American Culture

  • Volunteer in the community and attend DC activities
  • Plan to meet new people, ask questions
  • Reflect on your experiences

Focus Early on Careers and Job Search Preparation

Learn and Understand U.S. Visa Restrictions

  • Maintain your visa status via the International Services Office and to learn about Curricular Practical Training
  • Learn the legal and employment restrictions associated with your visa status and the impact on your pre- and post-graduation employment options
  • Prepare to explain your visa guidelines to potential employers
  • Plan ahead and follow the required deadlines for any government and employment applications
  • Be realistic about options for U.S. employment and develop an alternate employment plan

Global Careers & Employment

Passport Career

Passport Career is an exclusive online career resource for exploring opportunities around the world. Whether you are seeking a job, an internship, volunteer work, or are studying abroad, this resource provides extensive guidance, strategies, tools and support to help you make your international career move.

To access Passport Career: Log in to the Resources section in your Handshake profile - you will find instructions on how to register, including the registration key exclusively for GW students and alumni, and tips to get started.

Find Jobs in China image





Find Jobs in China

This online recruitment platform allows Chinese students to search for jobs and internships in China. In addition to postings, the platform includes useful tips and resources, along with free online pre-employment classes for job seeking preparation in China‘s job market (in both Chinese and English).

To access: Log in to the Resources section in your Handshake profile - you will find instructions on how to access Find Jobs in China.

Presentations & Handouts

International Students Careers Newsletter Archive

About the International Student Careers Newsletter

The newsletter, sent out every two weeks during the academic year provides information for GW international students related to the U.S. job market, the intern and job search, careers, employer information sessions, networking, and opportunities both here and abroad.

I hope that you find it useful.  Please let me know what you think.

Anne ScammonBest regards,
Anne Scammon
Managing Director, Curricular and Strategic Initiatives
GW Center for Career Services

Fall 2017

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