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International Student Assistance

GW Career Services supports the career and employment goals of our students and alumni and helps link them to potential employers.   Through our programs and services, international students can identify their career interests and build career and employment skills to succeed in the U.S. marketplace or in their home country. 

Career Services assists international students seeking part-time opportunities, internships, Curricular or Optional Practical Training, or employment, within the U.S. immigration and labor regulations. Often the job search experience for international students presents unique and unexpected career and employment challenges.  Career Services can help international students learn how to enhance your career and employment options, and take advantage of all your U.S. experiences to build your career skills for the future.

International Student Community Ambassadors (ISCA)

The ISCAs are international students who are committed to improving the student life experience of all GW international students by providing peer assistance services to facilitate mentorship, acculturation, engagement, and professional development. Services include career advising, resume and cover letter assistance, and workshops on professional topics such as interviewing and networking.

Part-time Student Employment at GW

The Student Employment section provides information regarding part-time employment at campus departments within the university.

Resources for International Students

The International Services Office is the first stop for the GW international community and will help eliminate administrative challenges when studying in the US. ISO Advisors host a variety of special events that highlight our diverse international student population. At GW, we are finding new ways to build an inclusive culture!

To access the most current Information on upcoming career events, industry-specific and university-wide career and internship fairs, and workshops related to international students, go to the Events & Programs section of the ISO website or search the events section in Handshake.  

Programs have included Working on Campus, Prepare for the Career Fair, The Job Search Process, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Workshop, Optional Practical Training (CPT) Workshop, OPT, STEM, H1B, and Beyond, Etiquette Dinner, J-1 Employment Workshop, All About Networking, and the International Student-Alumni Networking Night.

Engage in the Life of the University

Learn about the U.S. Workplace

  • To learn about the U.S. workplace, meet and engage with Americans
  • Pursue an on campus job to experience the U.S. workplace firsthand
  • Develop English proficiency to succeed in the workplace, practice at every opportunity
  • Learn about the U.S. workplace through reading, networking, and internships

Learn about American Culture

  • Volunteer in the community and attend DC activities
  • Plan to meet new people, ask questions
  • Reflect on your experiences

Focus Early on Careers and Job Search Preparation

Learn and Understand U.S. Visa Restrictions

  • Maintain your visa status via the International Services Office and to learn about Curricular Practical Training
  • Learn the legal and employment restrictions associated with your visa status and the impact on your pre- and post-graduation employment options
  • Prepare to explain your visa guidelines to potential employers
  • Plan ahead and follow the required deadlines for any government and employment applications
  • Be realistic about options for U.S. employment and develop an alternate employment plan

E-Verify logo

F-1 STEM OPT Extension & E-Verify

  • An international student who received a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM (PDF)) from GW, an accredited Student and Exchange Visitor Program-certified school (PDF), may apply for an extension of their OPT while in a period of post-completion OPT.
  • STEM OPT students must work for an employer that is enrolled and in good standing with E-Verify.
  • While a STEM OPT student may change employers, the new employer must be enrolled and in good standing with E-Verify before the student begins STEM OPT employment. EADs issued to F-1 STEM OPT students state “STU: STEM OPT ONLY.”

Review participating employers in E-Verify

Global opportunities and resources

Global Job & Internship Opportunities & Resources 

These resources will help you explore career opportunities around the world. You will also find guidance, strategies, and tools to help in your international jobs and internships search.

Campus Academic Resources for International Students

Information about academic resources for international students at the university is available via the GW Libraries Guide system.


International Friendship Portal

Check out the international friendship portal, presented by the GW Student Association, to help you connect with other international students on campus.