National Student Employment Week

April 10-14, 2017

GW Celebrates Our Student Employees

This year GW will join with universities across the country in celebrating National Student Employment Week from April 10 to 14, 2017. This annual event is dedicated to recognizing the significant impact that student employees make on campus and in the surrounding community.

Upwards of 5,000 GW students work across campus in one of approximately 200 on campus departments or at our 40 off-campus FWS partner sites. They are greeting prospective future students, guiding students through writing assignments, stocking our library shelves, managing events and websites, and working professors on research projects. Our off-campus student employees are explaining exhibits at theSmithsonian, tutoring young children, researching political policies, and assisting with marketing campaigns.

GW student employees are a crucial part of the fabric of GW; they help keep the institution running and act as ambassadors in the DC community. Through their dedication and hard work, they uphold the GW values of communication, community, diversity, excellence, sustainability, respect, service, and teamwork.

We encourage everyone to take a moment to thank the GW student employees who you encounter across our campuses and in the city for doing such exceptional work at our university and in our community. They are putting their academic knowledge into action and are learning skills that will serve them well in the future.


To celebrate National Student Employment Week the GW Center for Career Services is hosting or participating in a series of events:

Student Employee Appreciation Breakfast & Supervisor of the Year Award
Friday, April 14
Marvin Center 309

Excellence in Student Life Awards
The Student Employee of the Year will be announced at this event
Wednesday, April 20
Lisner Auditorium

We encourage everyone to take a moment to thank the GW student employees who you encounter across our campuses and in the city for doing such exceptional work at our university and in ourcommunity. They are putting their academic knowledge into action and are learning skills that will serve them well in the future.

GW Student Employee of the Year and Supervisor of the Year Awards

Winners in the Student Employee of the Year categories will be announced at the Excellence in Student Life Awards on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

The winner for Supervisor of the Year Award will be announced at the Student Employee Appreciation Breakfast on April 14, 2017.

Undergraduate Student Finalists & Nominees


Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year Finalist

Morgan Kurtz - Facilities Service Leader, Division of Operations

Through her work Morgan has gained a wide array of institutional knowledge contributing her insight of four years with every level of employees. She has adapted well to a changing environment in the work place and all of these experiences have made her a successful manager in the Division of Operations.
Morgan shines as a member of a team and takes the lead with her peers. She earns the trust of others and ensures everyone’s voice is heard. She learns how to work with her teammates by understanding their characteristics and finding ways to pair people to create a successful work environment. Morgan fosters a diverse staff and provides excellence service throughout her work. She has built a team that will last and will be missed when she graduates.

Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year Finalist

Ashlee Skeens - Office Assistant. Health Promotion & Prevention Services

In her position, Ashlee assists in managing the day-to-day tasks of the Colonial Health Center allowing professional and graduate level staff to focus on their projects of outreach and prevention services. Ashlee is a leader of the office assistants and trains new student employees providing important support to staff throughout the year.

Through her work Ashlee embodies GW’s values of excellence and teamwork striving to always produce high quality work and taking on new challenges. She approaches her work with a positive attitude and willingness to help her fellow office assistants to learn new skills. She is a valuable member of the team.


Adam Graubart
Anthony Manning
Ashlee Skeens
Brandon Gray
Brooke Dowd
Christina Darwish
Conor Lyman
Dawid Skalkowski
Dinal Sanjana Jayasekera
Ella Collins
Gabriella Joseph
Guillermo Martinez
Heajin Kang
Isvita Hemant Marfatia
James "Jimmy" LaFaso
Jonathan Ragone
Jordan Askey
Joshua Porter
Karena Halvorssen
Kylie Madden
Lacy Myrman
Lauren Mouacdie
Martin McSherry
Mary Kate Kosciusko
Michaela Stanch
Molly Ringel
Morgan Kurtz
Nathaniel Bachtel
Nathaniel San Nicolas
Sara Durrani
Shigeng Sun
Sophie Ota
Taylor Lacaillade
Zachary Stoloff

Graduate Student Finalists & Nominees


Graduate Student Employee of the Year Finalist

Alexandra Rosenberg - Graduate Assistant, Graduate Office Assistant in the Clinical Research and Leadership Division
Ali is an invaluable member of her team and regularly assists members of staff with a variety of projects for the department. She is always willing to ask questions, take initiative, and produce excellent work which has led to growth within the department including the development of a presentation for Research Days. She has a reputation for being reliable, approachable, and professional with a strong work ethic. Her teammates can expect quality work from her that exceeds expectations and an attitude that reflects her desire to learn and be a resource for the department.

Ali embodies the GW values of learning and service as someone who approaches her projects as an opportunity to learn. Ali is pursuing a degree in public health with a focus on maternal and child health. She hopes to leverage her research skills and experience to improve the lives of women and children. She completed her practicum requirement with a DC-based organization which aims to end sexual violence through grants to local organizations. She assisted with research on sexual violence intervention strategies in an athletic setting. Ali was invited to share her findings in California at a meeting of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) to help them determine how the research can be used to inform sexual violence prevention practices and their partnership with the NFL. Her commitment to the community and to learning allows Ali to shine as a member of her team and the GW community.
Graduate Student Employee of the Year Finalist
Trey Johnston - Office Coordinator,  The Writing Center
Trey was integral in the design and development of the Writing Center website. Since his initial work he has maintained that website and updated material to better reach and support groups at GW. Trey embodies the GW values of excellence and diversity. He has attention to detail, initiative, and professionalism that go above and beyond.

Trey’s commitment to expanding the Writing Center’s reach to students with diverse linguistic backgrounds, physical abilities, and learning styles has shown through his work on developing resources for multilingual writers. Moreover, he brought Zoom to the Writing Center which is a service that provides video conferencing and document sharing to students who cannot physically access the Writing Center. Trey has grown in his position and has grown the reach of the Writing Center through his commitment to diversity.


Alexandra Rosenberg
Antwann Harper
Arayael Brandner
Ashley Moore
Christopher Hicks
James (Trey) Johnston
Jordan Wolfe
Kapil Deshpande
Marija Stefanovic
Shakthidhar Dhananjaya
William Pauley
Yelana Sims

Supervisor Finalists & Nominees


Supervisor of the Year Finalist

Nicole Kolt - Career Coach, Center for Career Services

Nicole truly values her students and Career Ambassadors and their contribution to the Career Services Team. She enjoys hearing their ideas and encourages them to take on projects which contribute to their interests and the skills they wish to learn. When helping students with similar interests to one of the Career Ambassadors she introduces them and encourages the CAs to take an active role in helping students.
Her student employees say she embodies he GW values of teamwork, learning, communication, community, diversity, excellence, respect, and service. She guides the CAs to create both a collaborative and individual work space while training and mentoring her students. She frequently discusses with her students ways they can grow in their roles and ways they can grow outside professionally. She develops individual relationships with the CAs entrusts them with important projects while allowing them to capitalize on their strengths. Nicole is flexible and encourages self-awareness to improve upon her team’s professional environment while reinforcing the importance of the CAs emphasizing the meaningful impacts they have on students’ lives. Nicole is friendly, down-to-earth, and warm with an impeccable work ethic that allows her to make a real impact on her student employees’ lives and encourage them to grow professionally and personally.
Supervisor of the Year Finalist

Robert Snyder - Executive Director for Planning and Outreach, Division of Student Affairs

Robert is an excellent supervisor to his student employee because he provides opportunities to help them to expand their roles and empowers them to take on new challenges. He values the input of student employees and encourages them to take a larger role in the team through taking on projects specific to their interests. He promotes initiative through supporting student ideas and development of transferable skills. He is committed to making his student employee’s experience valuable and a learning opportunity.
He embodies the values of teamwork and learning through his commitment to community building and team bonding while encouraging the team to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, he creates learning agreements with his student employees and discussing learning opportunities through all the tasks set forth for students. Robert works with his students to gain skills through tasks and helps them make the most of their time as student employees and members of the GW community.


Angela Hinzey
Camri Henderson
Courtney McClain
Dr. Mollie Manier
Harry Knabe
Karen Hetrick
Nicole Kolt
Raoul Gabiam
Robert Snyder