Prepare for Interviews

An interview is your opportunity to articulate your skills, abilities and accomplishments that best match the attributes of an ideal candidate.  Advanced preparation, practice, targeted research and understanding the interview process are keys to success.

Stages of the Interview Process

It’s important to understand the actions you’ll need to take before, during and after your interview to ensure that you’ve done your best.

Before an interview, understand the typical structure and learn how to prepare effectively.

During an interview, learn how to answer behavioral-based questions and review tips about actions and language.

After an interview, learn the proper etiquette for follow-up and how to critique your performance.

Develop Your Interviewing Skills

If you’re preparing for your first interview or want to learn more about how to develop your interviewing skills you can:

  • Use Interview Stream (accessible thru Handshake) to complete a mock interview or review an interview tutorial.
  • Attend an upcoming workshop to learn the basics of interviewing.
  • Schedule a Mock Interview session with one of our coaches in Handshake.

Advance Your Interviewing Skills

Your interview skills and tactics will require constant refinement and you should seek ways to advance your interviewing skills on a regular basis.

If you want to practice interviewing you can complete an industry-specific mock interview in InterviewStream through your Handshake profile or register for our On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR) if you’re within a year of graduation.

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Use Interview Stream to complete a virtual mock interview or review an interview tutorial. Access thru your Handshake profile.