Contact Student Employment

​Student Employment is available for in-person I-9 assistance by appointment M-F 10am - 4pm, virtual support by appointment for students and employers, and by email at [email protected] or phone at 202-994-8046. 



Why Should I Consider Working On Campus?

Participating in part-time employment during your college years can help you gain a variety of experiences and learn workplace skills that can be used in a full-time career after graduation. Such opportunities through Student Employment are conveniently located on or near campus. Employers that work with student employment understand that you are a student first, and are encouraged to be accommodating of your academic schedule and related needs. A student employment position can also help you make connections with GW staff who can become valuable parts of your professional network.

For students seeking to earn their Federal Work Study award, specified FWS positions through student employment are the way to do that. Learn more on our Federal Work Study (FWS) Program page.

What Types of Positions Are Available?

GW students work in a wide variety of positions. Opportunities range from administrative office work, research opportunities with professors, events staffing, technology support, tutoring, marketing and communications, acting as ambassadors to university departments and programs, and so much more! You may view the student position types used by GW departments in the GW Student Position Templates document.

How Do I Find A Student Employment Position?

Search for all student employment positions using the Student Employment Talent Management System. Students can create applicant accounts directly in the SE Talent Management System. For assistance and questions about using the system please consult the Student User Guide or contact us at [email protected].

I Was Offered A Position! What Now?

After you are offered a student employment position there are a number of action items that need to be completed before you may start your job, including filling out paperwork to be officially hired by the university. Select whether your position is a Federal Work Study (FWS) or Non-FWS for instructions. You will also receive detailed instructions sent directly to your email address throughout the hiring process.

International Students

In general, international students enter the U.S. on a visa (F1 or J1) that includes automatic work authorization at the institution they attend. Please contact the International Services Office (ISO) to make sure this is the case for you before applying to jobs. There may be additional restrictions on your employment due to visa regulations. It is your responsibility to fully understand how your visa status affects your employment options.

Limitations to Student Positions

Individuals may not hold a student employment position while being hired into a full or part-time benefited staff position and may be fully or partially limited in holding a student employment position while being hired into a GA or GRA position

Former GW Student Employees

Employment Verifications:

In the near future, you or your future employer may need to provide proof of your employment. GW uses a service called Work Number to provide this information. The person requesting the verification will need the following information:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • The George Washington University Employer Code: 14290
  • The Work Number access options for verifiers: The Work Number or  1-800-367-5690

Contact HRIS at [email protected] with any questions about employment verifications.

Listing Your Position(s) at GW on a Resume or Application:

Sometimes the start and end dates, and job titles that are listed in Banner are different from what you may have on record. To avoid confusion with background checks and employment verifications  in the future, please consider the following:

  • Obtain your employment history from BanWeb (under “Employee Information”) now. Retain a copy of all start and end dates, official position title(s),  hourly rate(s), and the department’s name(s).
  • Provide this official information on your resume and/or application. This is what most background screenings are looking for in a verification. You can also list your “working job title” on your resume. For example, if BanWeb may state that you were a “UV Student Assistant II” (your official title), but your department gave you the working title of “Student Communications Assistant.” You can indicate this by using “UV Student Assistant II – Student Communications Assistant.”
  • Off-campus FWS employees, remember that you were officially a GW employee and your off-campus site may be unable to verify your position in an official capacity. Your official information in Banner will list you as a “Student Tutor” or “Student Special Assistant.”  As discussed above, please list this on your resume and/or application. For example, you can consider using the following: “Student Tutor – Jumpstart Tutor at ___ Site.”