Why Should I Work On Campus?

Participating in part-time employment during your college years can help you gain a variety of experiences and learn workplace skills that can be used in a full-time career after graduation. Such opportunities through student employment are conveniently located on or near campus. Employers that work with student employment understand that you are a student first, and are encouraged to be accomodating of your academic schedule and related needs. A student employment position can also help you make connections with GW staff who can become valuable parts of your professional network. For students seeking to earn their Federal Work Study award, specified FWS jobs through student employment are the way to do that.

How Do I Find A Job?

All students may use Handshake to search and apply for student employment jobs, including all Federal Work Study (FWS) positions. Incoming students are automatically registered in Handshake and receive information on how to access their account approximately six weeks prior to the start of their first semester. For more information or questions regarding Handshake, please email [email protected].

I Was Offered A Position! What Now?

After you are offered a student employment position there are a number of things that need to be completed before you may start your job, including filling out paperwork to be officially hired by the university. Select whether your job is Federal Work Study (FWS) or Student Wage (non-FWS) for specific instructions.

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