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​Student Employment is available for in-person I-9 assistance by appointment M-F 10am - 4pm, virtual support by appointment for students and employers, and by email at [email protected] or phone at 202-994-8046. 


Off-Campus FWS

Off-Campus FWS Partner Organizations

In a program that is uniquely GW, you may work for one of many pre-approved off-campus non-profits and government organizations that have applied and been selected to participate in GW's off-campus FWS program. Students are still GW employees but have the opportunity to earn their FWS award at sites like Peace Corps, the National Air and Space Museum, RAINN, and many more.

2022-2023 Off-Campus FWS Employer List


New organizations are considered before each new semester starts. Due to the vetting and training required for each site to participate, it is not possible for organizations to be added mid-semester.

Search for FWS jobs from off-campus organizations on the Student Employment Talent Management System using the job type "Off-Campus FWS".

While we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular positions, Off-Campus FWS Partner Organizations have committed to adapting to remote work where possible and providing a safe work environment for roles that must be conducted in person. In addition, Student Employment has added a field on all job postings that make it clear whether a position can be performed remotely, so students will have full transparency throughout the job search process.