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​Student Employment is available for in-person I-9 assistance by appointment M-F 10am - 4pm, virtual support by appointment for students and employers, and by email at [email protected] or phone at 202-994-8046. 


On-Campus FWS

On-Campus FWS Positions

Participating in part-time employment during your college years can help you gain a variety of experiences and learn workplace skills that can be used in a full-time career after graduation. Such opportunities through Student Employment are conveniently located on or near campus. Employers that work with student employment understand that you are a student first, and are encouraged to be accommodating of your academic schedule and related needs.

On-campus FWS positions can be found in any GW department, office, institute, or center. Positions include research, administrative assistant, project assistant, communications and marketing, tutoring, and more. On-campus positions are conveniently located and can help you broaden your connections to the GW community.

Search for FWS jobs from on-campus departments on the Student Employment Talent Management System using the job type "On-Campus FWS".

While we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular positions, we at Student Employment are doing all we can to help departments figure out ways to adapt to remote work and provide meaningful job experiences remotely. In addition, we have added a field on all job postings that makes it clear whether a position can be performed remotely, so you will have full transparency throughout your job search process.