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Associate Vice Provost for University Career Services

Rachel A. Brown
Associate Vice Provost for University Career Services
Chair, Career Services Council
[email protected] | 202-994-6495

Responsible for the overall administrative function of the Center and special initiatives and programs, including support for the university-wide Career Services Council.

Media and Interview Requests

For all media/interview requests (including student news sources), please contact Jeffrey Dagley, Administrator for Communications & Outreach.

Career Learning and Experience

This unit consists of the career coaches who help students with their preparation for career and job search processes, and assist and support their participation in work experiences that strengthen career choices.

Michael McKenzie
Managing Director, Career Learning and Experience
[email protected] | 202-994-8638 | @GW_Michael_McK

Career Exploration & Assessment

Jazmine Newkirk
Career Coach
Career Exploration & Assessment
[email protected] | 202-994-7699

Lenore Webb
Associate Director, Career Exploration & Assessment
[email protected] | 202-994-3099

Open Positions:

Career Coach, Exploration & Assessment (2 positions available)

Industry Career Coaching

Elizabeth Boesen
Career Coach
International Government & Policy | Diplomacy | Intelligence | International Development
[email protected] | 202-994-8971

Katie Greene
Career Coach
Public Health | Health Sciences | Medicine
[email protected] | 202-994-7983

Anna Hartge
Career Coach
US Government & Policy | NGO | Education | Human Services | Law
[email protected]

Julianna Hutchins
Career Coach
Business | Finance | Consulting | Economics |  Real Estate |  Human Resources |  Marketing
[email protected] | 202-994-8635 | @Julianna_at_GW

Nicole Kolt
Associate Director, Industry Coaching
[email protected] | 202-994-8629 | @GWCoachNicole

Kelly Lawton
Career Coach
Nursing (undergraduate programs)

Sonya Merrill, PhD
Career Coach
Science | Technology | Engineering | Math (STEM)
[email protected] | 202-994-0637

Open Industry Career Coach positions:

  • Arts |  Design | Media | Communications | Public Relations

Graduate & Professional School Coaching

Yashanda Scruggs, PhD
Associate Director, Graduate & Professional School Coaching
[email protected] | 202-994-6495

Graduate Fellows

Mackenzie Fusco
Graduate Fellow
Career Coaching & Programming
[email protected]

Communications and Outreach

Responsible for departmental communications channels, digital marketing and outreach strategies, online and social media initiatives, media relations and print publications

Jeffrey A. Dagley
Administrator, Communications and Outreach
[email protected] | 202-994-8630 | @jdags

Zoe Hylton
Communications & Outreach Assistant for Design & Digital Media
[email protected]

Jessica Maharaj
Communications & Outreach Assistant  for Branding & Digital Strategy
[email protected]

Curricular and Strategic Initiatives

Anne Scammon
Managing Director, Curricular and Strategic Initiatives
[email protected] | 202-994-8640

Data Analysis

Kushal Ismael
Data Analyst
[email protected] | 202-994-3913

Employer Services

Works with recruiting organizations providing relevant services to connect them to GW students and alumni, manages the online job listing and on campus recruiting programs, career and job fairs and industry expos and employer information sessions and site visits.

[email protected] | 202.994.8633

Matthew Ballou
Employer Relations Coordinator
[email protected] | 202-994-8633

Ben Cerny
Employer Relations Coordinator
[email protected] | 202-994-8633

Staci Fowler
Managing Director, Employer Services
[email protected] | 202-994-3443

Monica Patterson
Associate Director, Employer Relations
[email protected] | 202-994-8633

Employer Development Consultants

Tara Duprey
Employer Development Consultant
Government, Nonprofit & International Development
[email protected] | 202-994-5855 Ì @tara_gwu

Kelly Lawton
Employer Development Consultant
Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Health Services and
Career Coach for Nursing (undergraduate)
[email protected] | 202-994-0072

Steve Scordo
Employer Development Consultant
[email protected] | 202-994-6028

Interdisciplinary Career Services Initiatives

Responsible for the facilitation of specialized university career services initiatives, including:

Toby Davidow, EdD
Program Coordinator
Responsible for GW Presidential Fellowship
[email protected] | 202-994-6495

Marva Gumbs Jennings
Managing Director, Interdisciplinary Career Services Initiatives
[email protected] | 202-994-8631

Operations and Special Initiatives

Responsible for departmental administrative, logistical, and technical functions, as well as special projects and initiatives of the Center and the Career Services Council.

Yasmin Brittain
Manager, Department Operations
[email protected] | 202-994-9224

Amanda Byrne
Administrative Associate
Manages front desk operations, event scheduling, and the departmental and Handshake e-mail accounts
[email protected]

Femi Meletoyitan
Administrative Associate
Assists with Career Services Council initiatives including KACIF and the Shenkman Career Services Fund
[email protected]

Student Employment

Responsible for the management and administration of all recruiting, onboarding, and developmental aspects of part-time student employment at the university, including both on-campus and off-campus Federal Work Study positions and on-campus part-time non-FWS positions. Follow Student Employment on:

Twitter: @gwstudentemploy

[email protected] | 202-994-8046

Alia Rikabi Zein
Senior Coordinator, Student Employment
[email protected] | 202-994-7978

Amanda Kohn
Coordinator, Student Employment
[email protected] | 202-994-8046

Rebecca Lynch
Coordinator, Student Employment
[email protected] | 202-994-1792

Bridget Schwartz
Associate Director, Student Employment
[email protected] | 202-994-6459

Student Staff

Get to know our Career Ambassadors, Operations Ambassadors, Graduate Fellows, and Front Desk Staff:

CCS Student Staff Bios (coming soon)

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